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Chow Chows have recently become a very popular dog breed and you can easily recognize them by their fluffy coats, tiger shoulders and deep blue-black tongues. The Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds and was used as a hunting dog during the Han Dynasty in 202 BC. Sometimes depicted as a cat, this breed exhibits characteristics such as independence and isolation. This serious and dignified dog needs a healthy, balanced diet, and finding the best food for your Chow Chow will help it live a long and happy life.

Chow Chow Diet

Chow Chow Diet

A healthy Chow Chow should be fed a high-quality wet or dry dog ​​food as recommended by a veterinarian. Check the label and choose foods with one protein source as the first ingredient. Many Chow Chows do well on a low-grain diet. To determine how much to feed based on your dog’s weight, follow the directions on the package and divide it into two meals.

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Avoid giving him table scraps or people food, especially those high in fat. Limit treats to no more than 10 percent of your dog’s daily calorie intake. If you’re treating too much during training, reduce his meal size to account for the extra food. Obesity is a common problem for Chow Chows and can reduce quality of life and increase the risk of other health conditions.

Raw food and home-cooked meals for dogs are becoming increasingly popular. However, the American Kennel Club notes that there is no evidence that these options are better. Chow Chows are prone to certain medical conditions that can make commercial feeding difficult, so consult your veterinarian to determine the best option for your pet.

Chow Chows are prone to a number of conditions and health problems, making proper nutrition especially important. Allergies are common and Chow Chow food allergy symptoms include itchy skin, paw licking, ear infections, and rubbing of the face and mouth. Even if you haven’t changed foods or treatments, always watch for signs of allergies, as manufacturers can change formulas without notifying customers. If allergies are a serious concern, the best food for your Chow Chow may be home-cooked food to eliminate the problematic ingredients.

Diabetes is more common in the Chow Chow than in many other breeds. A proper diet as well as insulin as recommended by the vet can manage this condition. Chow Chow also increases the risk of pancreatic indigestion hormone deficiency. Adding additional digestive enzymes to your dog’s diet can help manage this condition.

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Bloat is another breed-specific condition. This is a life-threatening condition in which the stomach expands and twists, which can block the blood supply and the passage of food. Some things that increase the risk of bloating include eating too quickly, eating too much, and exercising right after eating. Sticking to a two-meal schedule can help reduce the risk of bloating.

If you and your vet decide that home cooking is better for your Chow Chow than a commercial diet, get your vet’s recipes and follow them. This will ensure your dog gets all the nutrients and supplements, as well as the correct calorie count to maintain a healthy weight.

You can also visit, a vet-run site to create balanced recipes that you can cook for your dog. The site also includes recipes for a number of medical conditions, including diabetes, eczema and obesity. You may need to get your vet’s approval to access these prescriptions.

Chow Chow Diet

Some people feed their Chow Chow a raw diet. A Chow Chow raw diet can include a variety of raw meats, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Do not switch to a raw diet without consulting your vet, as it can be harmful for dogs with certain diseases such as pancreatitis or cancer. Additionally, handling raw meat increases the chance of you, your family, or your dog contracting foodborne pathogens. Chow Chow is a very popular and unusual dog breed. Dogs originally come from China. The Chow Chow is recognized by the FCI and assigned to Group 5 (Asian Spitz). These four-legged fluffy friends have a very wonderful and unique appearance. They are too difficult for just one person. As a dog owner, you should know this.

The Comprehensive Guide To Chow Chow Dogs: History, Care, And Training

Chow Chow is one of the medium-sized dog breeds. On average, dogs reach shoulder height. The weight of adult dogs from 48 to 56 cm is from 25 to 30 kg. Women are generally shorter than men.

These dogs are unique in their appearance and character. Their appearance resembles a tiger. Chow Chow radiates pride and dignity. His gait is very upright and his tail is always held high. This position represents self-confidence and courage.

The construction is spacious and strong. The hind legs are very straight. It is rare in dogs. Another important feature is the head. It often resembles a teddy bear and is covered with thick, soft hair.

Wrinkles often appear on the face. However, this is not according to the origin of the breed. Intentionally bred to make the dog more unique. The ears are relatively short, pointed and high. Another rarity is the Chow Chow. Not the usual pink-red, but blue. The Chow Chow is the only breed of dog with this trait. In general, dogs seem slow and active.

Can Chow Chows Eat Chicken? Expert Chow Chow Diet

Another distinctive feature of this breed is the green coat all over the body. Chow Chows are mainly divided into long-haired and short-haired animals.

However, short-haired Chow Chows have become very rare over the years and have been encountered by long-haired people. Both long-haired and short-haired dogs have very thick, luxurious and soft coats. This makes the dog look soft and fluffy and appear stronger than it really is. Long-haired specimens also have a mane around the neck. It also reminds me of a poem.

Dogs have a very unique nature. Chow Chows are considered very strong. Dogs have a mind of their own and are not very good at taming themselves. Chow Chows are usually assertive and difficult to dominate. They are also peaceful animals. They will not be calm and busy. Chow Chows are not barkers either. They take everything a little slower.

Chow Chow Diet

However, these fluffy furry friends are very smart. They have the ability to learn and accept. But only if dogs want to learn. Chow Chow cannot be forced to do anything. This breed is also very suitable as a guard dog. He is very careful and observes his surroundings.

Health Benefits Of Chow Chow

Chow Chow is very attached to its owner. The decisive factor here is that the dog chooses only one person to whom he will give his full attention and loyalty. So Chow Chow only has one guardian. It establishes a deep connection with a person and is always loyal and kind to him.

So, the guard should take a lot of care of his four-legged friend and train the dog. Chow Chows usually treat other people with indifference and contempt. If the dog is in the family, this can be difficult. The dog may or may not partially accept orders and commands from other family members.

Then he focuses on his care, and the rest of the family may not notice. These dogs can also quickly become jealous or careless, especially if they are not given enough time.

You like it, and above all, you need to appreciate the character of the dog. Only then you will be worthy as the owner of such a breed of dog. You must already have experience with dogs.

Chow Chow: A Protective Breed That Makes A Good Watchdog

A healthy breed of Chow Chow does not have problems with eating. Balanced and nutritious food sustains life and makes animals strong.

Hypothyroidism is also more common in this dog breed than average. Therefore, feeding can be a little difficult and requires special advice.

The life expectancy of dogs reflects this. Many people today only live to be 8-9 years old. However, healthy Chow Chows typically live significantly longer, up to 12 years.

Chow Chow Diet

In general, the health of purebred dog breeds is mainly under attack. Many animals are very sensitive to heat and are overweight. This damages their joints and severely limits their mobility. Most Chow Chows also have trouble breathing. They can hardly walk for an hour without panting.

Chow Chow: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

Chow Chow is a demanding dog that is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable as a family dog. Dogs are very serious and do not like

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